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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Gabriele Jung

Born July 8th 1948 in Heidelberg, she continued the long tradition of medicine in her family. Gabriele Jung studied in Heidelberg and is specialized in pneumology, skindiseases and General Medicine.

Dr. Dieter Jung

Born July 14th 1947 in Rheinhausen near Düsseldorf, he studied English and German literature in Münster. After his military service, Dieter Jung moved to Heidelberg where he studied Medicine.
He spent one year at Westminster Hospital in London, then completed his studies at the Neurological, Internal and Surgical Departments at the Clinic of the University of Heidelberg and finished his studies with a degree in General Medicine.

Praxis Dr. med. Dieter Jung & Dr. med. Gabriele Jung

Since 1978, we practice General Medicine in our medical office in the heart of the old town of Heidelberg. Interested in scientific as well as in alternative treatments, we also specialized in homeopathy, relaxation treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We have committed ourselves to taking care of the health of the old town's inhabitants. We especially enjoy the great diversity of our clientel, which ranges from teenagers to the eldest citizens of Heidelberg, from students to professors, from homeless people to entrepreneurs, people we've known for 30 years and tourists who drop in.

We are opened on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm in our medical office, located Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 23a, in the very center of Heidelberg.

How to find us

Just drive into Old Heidelberg if you come from the Autobahn or from the US-Headquarters and follow the signs to the CASTLE. You will run through a little tunnel (200m), then follow the signs to Parkhaus 10 or 9, a blue sign. It is the first turn left after the tunnel and it is about 300 m after you left the tunnel. You are now on FRIEDRICH-EBERT-ANLAGE (one-way traffic towards west) and immediately enter the parking facilities nr. 10 or for a short stop you can just park in front of GREIF APOTHEKE. There in Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 23a is our surgery, just the second floor above the Greif Apotheke. Ask people if you get lost, they will be friendly to answer!


We'd like to introduce ourselves and give you some information about how we can help you. Our primary task is to act as General Practitioners (G.Ps) caring for patients in the Heidelberg Altstadt (Old Town) and nearby areas.  We specialise in natural therapy, classical Chinese acupuncture, dietetics, phytotherapy (the use of health-promoting plant extracts), lifestyle/regulative therapy, homeopathy, help with giving up smoking, treatment of alcohol and all other addictions.  We also offer relaxation therapy such as autogenous training, hypnosis and preventative medicine  and above all sympathetic advice to help you live a healthier, better life.

We have run our practice from this building for thirty years and would happily do so for thirty more !  Our goal is to be there for our patients every step of the way, providing comprehensive care of the highest standard.

How do you reach our practice?

Walking is the healthiest option. Parking is available in car parks nr. 10 under the Friedrich-Ebert-Platz or alternatively you can take the bus line 31, 32 and 33, they all stop at Friedrich-Ebert-Platz and it is 50m by foot to walk to us, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 23a.

When can you come to see us?

The practice is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, and Thursdays until 8pm.  The doctors are available to see patients between 9am and 6pm.  With the exception of emergency cases, we ask you to make an appointment in advance by calling (06221) 183021.  Alongside pre-arranged appointments throughout the day, morning consultations for those without an appointment are offered by Dr. Gabriele Jung between Monday and Thursday and by Dr. Dieter Jung on Fridays.  Dr. Dieter Jung also gives consultations between 3 and 6pm Monday to Friday and during extended practice hours on Thursday from 5 to 8pm.

Can you reach us by telephone or fax?

The doctors' mobile telephone numbers are:
Dr Dieter Jung: 0175 20 60 123,
Dr Gabriele Jung: 0177 7 183021.

You can also contact the practice by fax on (06221) 616821. This is also the prescription phone line on which you can order repeat prescriptions via fax.

During the night and at weekends please call the Emergency Number on (06221) 116 117.  Please also feel free to try to reach us personally- we will help if we can.  You can also leave us a message so that we are able to call you back with immediate advice.

Who will receive you?

Our seven happy medical secretaries!

Frau Nicolette Ott
Frau Iris Ludl
Frau Safiye Demircan
Frau Sylvia Knorr-Fabricius
Frau Stephanie Lüdke
Frau Nicole Schnorpfeil
Frau Julia Mostler

We speak fluent English, good French and native-level Turkish and Russian!

When can you see the doctors?

Dr. Gabriele Jung sees patients in the morning and Dr. Dieter Jung in the afternoon.  Consultations outside normal surgery hours are available only with an appointment.  Telephone enquiries will be gladly received at lunchtime (1-1.30pm).  We appreciate it if you use this window for shorter enquiries.


You will find two stickers attached to this leaflet, which you can stick to your telephone and keep in your purse or wallet.  Call 18 30 21 for quick emergency call-backs. Even when the emergency department (tel: (06221) 116 117) replaces us, please leave us a message explaining the problem and we'll call back as soon as we can.  In an emergency where time is especially of the essence, the fastest route to help is to call the ambulance on 112.  In a real emergency it can sometimes be too difficult to remember more complicated numbers.

Blood tests etc.

Every morning between 8 and approximately 9.30am we give injections, infusions, radiation therapy, deal with dressings etc.  If ever you just need a repeat prescription or are scheduled for a particular treatment or for acupuncture, you need not wait in the waiting room.  Please let reception know as soon as you arrive.

Home visits

We make home visits every morning and in emergencies.  Please call as early in the morning as possible (8am onwards) if you would like to be visited.

Waiting times

Unfortunately these are sometimes unavoidable.  As GPs we have to deal with almost every kind of medical problem, some of which can require a longer consultation.  Please let us know if you cannot wait and we will try to make you an appointment at your convenience.  We are grateful for your understanding on this matter.

Waiting room

At our practice this is a room for entertainment! Here we house a collection of all those things that we have found important, funny or extraordinary in the last few years, arranged in easily accessible folders.  You can read on topics including the soul, sex and addiction as well as theology, death and drinking.  There are over 150 files to choose from!  Aside from daily newspapers we also subscribe to many interesting magazines: my favourite 'The New Yorker', Newsweek, Süddeutsche, Welt, RNZ, Zeit, Spiegel, Sprachdienst, Stern, Bunte and Brigitte and myriad tabloid publications including Cosmopolitan and Men's Health.

Free Internet

While you wait you have the opportunity to go on a virtual journey around the world- make use of our free internet!  Visit interesting sites or send faxes, emails or SMS messages to friends, or just check your inbox.


You can take these with you immediately after your appointment or, if you would prefer, pay us before you leave.  Normally we work in association with the Kurpfalz private insurance provider, so please tell us if you need the bill immediately.  If not we'll assume that you consent to invoicing through the clearing house (bank).

Special examinations and treatments

All our doctors have further training in natural therapies and oncology.  Dr. Dieter Jung teaches therapy for the German Association for Medical Hypnosis and Autogenous Training  and has additional qualifications in the treatment of addictions.  Alongside mainstream medicine we also offer specialist treatment in the following areas:

Acupuncture, homeopathy, natural therapy, mistletoe therapy, oxygen therapy, autohaemotherapy, hypnosis, autogenous training (we run regular evening courses every Monday and Tuesday, please get in touch if you would like to join us!) diet therapy, fasting therapy, Brainbuilding, Spine School and groups for diabetics and those seeking to lose weight.   We are medical specialists in the treatment of addiction and treat patients with alcohol and drug addictions.  We also have a licence to provide substitute substances.

Giving up smoking

Along with specialist treatment of drug addiction (substitution therapy) and alcohol addiction, helping you to give up smoking is our particular concern.  Ours is a non-smoking practice and if you would like to give up we can help you through group therapy or with one-to-one sessions.  We have special agreements with all German health insurance providers which mean that yours will cover the cost of your treatment.


Prevention is very important.   We offer cardiovascular health checks as well as cancer checks for men, check-ups for teenagers and apprentice examinations (??)  These can all be charged to your insurance.  Special checkups, e.g. to check that you are fit to travel or go to the tropics, advice on vaccinations, fitness tests, divers' and motor boat licence permissions, official documents excusing you from travel and other private certifications are billed privately according to the scale of charges and fees.


We are always grateful for your suggestions as to how we can optimise our patient care.  Help us! Attached to this leaflet to make it easier for you to contact us, you will find a sticker for your home telephone and a business card with our personal telephone numbers on it attached to this leaflet.   Why not put us into your mobile phone sim-card?

Last page!

For the last two years we've sent a monthly newsletter to those patients who have expressed a wish to receive it.

If you would like to receive the practice newsletter, please advise Reception of your email address.  You can also cancel your subscription to the newsletter at any time from the same page, and just have a look through the list of my 365 favourite poems.

A good internet site for answers to all your questions about appropriate vaccinations before you travel is:

http://www.crm.de/laender/index.html (in German)
http://www.who.int/topics/vaccines/en/ (World Health Organisation- English)

Yours Praxis-Team Dr. Jung/Dr. Jung

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